Legislative Info

If New York can give a 7% foundation aid increase to public school districts, why should students with complex disabilities have to settle for 4%?

For the sake of equity, the Division of Budget must approve a 7% increase in aid to 4410 and 853 schools!

Because the Division of Budget approved only 4% growth for our 4410 & 853 schools, during a year when school districts received a 7.6% foundation aid growth, 11.3% overall education funding growth and $14 Billion in federal Covid funding, CP of NYS is working with the other associations (DDAWNY, IAC, 853 Coalition, Alliance for Children with Special Needs etc.) to advocate with the Legislature and the Governor to increase our growth to 7%.

 One piece of the advocacy is to work with local legislators on a press event to highlight the need for DOB to increase the growth to the 7% requested by SED and pass the SED program bill that would require 4410, 853 growth rate to be equal to the school aid increase – which would be 7.6% this year.