Creating Futures Together.

The CLC has a strong commitment to serving the entire family – mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents. Family meetings, tours, special events, and social work services are available and designed to support the family network.

All photos without masks were taken pre-COVID-19.

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We Provide the Highest Quality Services to the Children and Adults in our Agency.

Established in 1948, our school has a well-earned reputation for outstanding education, evaluation and treatment services for children from early childhood to adulthood with a broad range of mild to severe disabilities, including speech/language delays, physical disabilities, and intellectual disability. Each child’s program is individualized and closely monitored by a team of multidisciplinary professionals. Preparation for inclusion, mainstreaming and maximum independence in the community is emphasized.

The CLC has a strong commitment to serving the entire family – mothers, fathers, siblings and grandparents. Family meetings, tours, special events, and social work services are available and designed to support the family network. A truly caring staff of special education teachers, clinicians, other professionals and support staff are ready to assist in every way possible.



528 (Kate O’Hara) – Wednesday, June 23 at 10:00
523 (Michelle Samuda) & 526 (Monica Hladky) Wednesday, June 23 at 10:00
527 (Rocio Rolon-Gonzalez)- Wednesday, June 23 at 10:30
524 (Karina Kononenkoa0- Thursday, June 17 at 10:00
525 (Jennifer Curcio)- Thursday, June 24 at 10:30

School Age

Kate O Hara Class 528- June 16 at 10:00am
Michelle Samuda and Monica Hladky class 523 and 526- June 16 10:00am
Jennifer Curcio class 525- June 17 at 10:30 am
Karina Kononenko class 524- June 17 10:00 am
Rocio Rolon-Gonzalez class 527- June 16 10:30am




The Preschool Program provides a multi-sensory approach to readiness skills for students ranging in age from three to five years. This program enhances and integrates the motor, cognitive, language, perceptual, and social areas of development in order to maximize optimal learning.

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School Age

Students in this division of our school range from five to twenty-one years of age. It is the largest component of our school with more focus on developing skills that allow for academic growth, maximum independence in functional ability, and transition to adulthood.

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As many of you may have noticed, we have a new addition to our CLC family!

Freddie is our new facility dog. Jeannette Mirabella and Jennifer Green are the designated handlers that have undergone extensive training outside of CLC to learn how to work with him.  Due to Covid, much of his socialization training has been limited. For now, we are doing a very slow introduction to students, staff and the different equipment we use.  Please follow cues from Jeannette and Jennifer when interacting with Freddie. We want him to be confident and successful with his job at CLC. 

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It is difficult to comprehend how much our world has changed since March of 2020. The COVID-19 pandemic has impacted our students, their families, our staff and our schools in ways many of us have yet to fully understand. At these unprecedented times, we must reflect on the end of the 2019-20 school year to learn from our decisions to help inform our actions for the year ahead. There is no doubt that the 2020-21 school year will provide its own set of unique challenges. It is our goal to utilize this document to prepare our staff, students, families and partner Counties and School Districts for the wide variety of situations that we may face in the year ahead.


The following are statements from graduates Hadiya and Esteban. They shared their thoughts on CLC and graduating.


My name is Esteban. I started CLC when I was 8 years old. I love CLC because I can see my friends and teachers. I really benefited from the therapy I had over the years. My speech pathologist Miss. Marlene is the best. She helped me learn to read, spell, write and hold proper conversations. Occupational therapy helped me write, use a computer, and problem solve. I like our clubs and enjoy participating in them. I was in chorus, hoops, boy scouts and enjoyed the dance team for a little while. I enjoyed watching my friend on stage dancing at her recital. I enjoyed Papa Puff’s tasty creations. I liked going on the field trip to the Tilles Center to see Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo show, The Black Violin and many other shows. All of my teachers were great. I liked the Pre-Voc program and working at the Lion’s Den school store, breakfast/lunch delivery and the M.O.V.E program.


I entered CLC when I was three years old. I enjoyed the opportunities that CLC has given me. I was given the opportunity to take Ballet and dance classes and perform at yearly recitals. I was part of the CLC Chorus and sang at many of our events and concerts.

I even had the opportunity to dance and sing at the Tilles Center when I was younger. I also went skiing with my classmates. I had the experience of camping outdoors, and sleeping overnight at a museum. I enjoyed participating in the Victory Games with my classmates for many years. We always had a Pep Rally before and an awards ceremony after the games.



Updated COVID-19 Protocols for CLC

• We began deep cleaning our school and will continue to do so regularly, in addition to the extra attention our maintenance staff are already giving to cleaning all common, touchable surfaces throughout the day.

• We continue to post reminders to students and staff to wash their hands with soap and water. Use a 60% alcohol-based sanitizing gel if soap and water is not available. In addition, cough or sneeze into their sleeve or elbow to minimize the spread of germs. If a tissue is used, throw the tissue out immediately and wash your hands with soap and water.

• We are monitoring student and staff absenteeism for those due to cold or “flu like” symptoms, fever, or respiratory illness and requiring that those displaying these symptoms remain home from school.

• If there is a COVID-19 case related to the school, the school will be contacted by the State Health Department in consultation with the local health department. As flu season continues to be a more present concern, the CDC.


I love what you do with these children.  My daughter is communicating with us and she is improving.  I do owe it all to you.  She also says your name.  We thank you so much.  You are a wonderful teacher.

Parent of a Preschool Student

Thank you for being the teacher and person you are.  Children with special needs often get forgotten about…But the staff at CLC provides love outside the home and as a parent I could not ask for more.

Parent of a Preschool Student

What I like about CLC is that the staff is caring and compassionate. The staff will go far and beyond for the students.

School staff member