Student Spotlight


My name is Esteban. I started CLC when I was 8 years old. I love CLC because I can see my friends and teachers. I really benefited from the therapy I had over the years. My speech pathologist Miss. Marlene is the best. She helped me learn to read, spell, write and hold proper conversations. Occupational therapy helped me write, use a computer, and problem solve. I like our clubs and enjoy participating in them. I was in chorus, hoops, boy scouts and enjoyed the dance team for a little while. I enjoyed watching my friend on stage dancing at her recital. I enjoyed Papa Puff’s tasty creations. I liked going on the field trip to the Tilles Center to see Erth’s Dinosaur Zoo show, The Black Violin and many other shows. All of my teachers were great. I liked the Pre-Voc program and working at the Lion’s Den school store, breakfast/lunch delivery and the M.O.V.E program.

When I was a kid I enjoyed a sleepover at the museum. I also liked when I went skiing with my school. I liked going to all the proms and the victory games. I am looking forward to going on the 2021 party boat trip around the great South Bay with my classroom. We are also waiting on our Adventureland senior class trip. I will be meeting our school’s facility dog, Freddie before I graduate. After leaving CLC I am looking to get into a work study program.

I entered CLC when I was three years old. I enjoyed the opportunities that CLC has given me. I was given the opportunity to take Ballet and dance classes and perform at yearly recitals. I was part of the CLC Chorus and sang at many of our events and concerts. I even had the opportunity to dance and sing at the Tilles Center when I was younger. I also went skiing with my classmates. I had the experience of camping outdoors, and sleeping overnight at a museum. I enjoyed participating in the Victory Games with my classmates for many years. We always had a Pep Rally before and an awards ceremony after the games.

I loved seeing the accomplishments of my classmates and friends. One of my favorite field trips was to the Tilles Center to see the Black Violin. One of my teachers took us on many field trips so that we could experience the many things life has to offer. Thankfully for me I had her several times during my stay at CLC. I was very blessed to have a rockin ‘staff for my last school year. They are working hard at making this bitter sweet year a positive and memorable one. We are preparing for a Party Boat Ride around the Great South Bay. This will be my first experience on a boat. CLC has given me many first experiences over the years. But what I am truly thankful for are all of my friends from CLC. Hopefully we will have our last adventure together at Adventureland. My goal after graduation is to take every opportunity I can to experience life to its fullest and take on all the challenges that may come my way.